In 2015, I am graduating from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Marketing. My goal is to be able to implement my knowledge of branding, social media and marketing strategy in the music industry.

I’ve been around it my whole life, brought up playing trumpet and piano, as well as watching my Dad mix and produce musicians out of his own recording studio. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I really got into electronic and hip-hop that I really identified it played such a big part of my life. Soon enough, I couldn’t stop myself from dropping and dragging- cultivating endless playlists. I took my passion into my blog – Who’s On Bass. After writing for several months on this site, I started contributing at SpeakerTV– on online music and lifestyle publication. Just recently I got another contributing gig for lifestyle site- Pilerats.

Every day I’m listening to new music and thinking about new ways of presenting music to people. Whilst I enjoy doing live reviews or album reviews I think formularising music journalism inhibits creativity. Using my passion in this field with the skills I’ve picked up from my degree is helping me curate better content all the time.


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