Travis Scott – Butterfly Effect

What is the Butterfly Effect, Travis? Why am I reviewing a ten month old track? I’ve wound up on a 4 hour domestic flight with not a single offline song saved on my phone other than this swishy autotune smash from last year. Through it being all I have to listen to, I now feel it bestowed upon me to review the track. What’s even more eerie though is that I woke up to the headline that Kylie Jenner had given birth to their first child this morning. I wish them my best.

It opens with a distant synthline, played underwater far far away and catchy as hell. I can imagine Travis staggering out of his lambo, head tilted peering through his braids ™, teasing out a decent hook over an otherwise stoned and disinterested performance. He can actually sing though and definitely relies less on the mask of autotune than some of his peers.

It gets me wondering at what stage of mastering he sits down in aand plugs his ad-libs namely straiGHT uP, it’s lit, YAh. I can picture him in a cloud of smoke mashing a beat pad while his predominantly white production team stand across the room with arms folded. He dispenses these ad-libs so.. liberally which cleverly create shortcuts to listeners feeling familiar as they work through his discography. Although some people would call this repetitive.

I’m onto at least my tenth listen now, mouthing Murder on the beat- so it not nice to myself. It’s the production by Murder that really carries this into Top 40 contention, a beat made sparingly with solid few elements. It is that very minimalist style of bypasses Earth shattering drops that has helped songs like this or Post Malone’s rockstar cut through the noise and to the top of the charts.

6.66/10 – Overall an easy, consumable 3.5 minutes. I like it but being stuck in a silo of the Butterfly Effect has left me a bit cynical.


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