Why are the old boys are becoming on trend

2015 has seen Kanye West and Paul McCartney become unlikely collaborators
2015 has seen Kanye West and Paul McCartney become unlikely collaborators

Society has this habit of making outdated fragments of culture relevant. Just look at the vinyl record, or the ’50s combover making a resurgence. 

Earlier this year, rapper Kanye West released Only One and FourFiveSeconds written with Beatles icon Paul McCartney, leading a flurry of teens to Wikipedia who this Paul McCartney fellow was.

A few weeks ago A$AP Rocky released the single Everyday, which he lifted both lyrics and arrangement from the 1973 Python Lee Jackson song, In A Broken Dream. The original features vocals from UK super-vocalist Rod Stewart, who A$AP lists as a contributor on the track. He used Miguel to sing the hook and Mark Ronson to produce the track.

Both Ye and A$AP are using these guys because they have the power and connections to reach out to any musician they want to. They are also trying to expand their fanbase beyond the realms of hip-hop and challenge who those who see hip-hop as a one-dimensional industry. Using producers and influencers outside of hip-hop has long been seen, but never has the talking point around the track been as prominent as it is with these two collaborations. Now these guys have done it, with great success- it is surely going to become integrated into the genre more often.

You could almost guarantee that neither Rod or Paul are doing it for the money, but they would be enjoying resurfacing in the public arena.

Below I have linked Rod Stewart and Python Lee Jackon’s track In A Broken Dream:

And of course here is A$AP Rocky’s single, Everyday:


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