Talking Instagram with Ta-Ku


I was fortunate enough, to speak with Perth producer Ta-Ku recently. He has 128,000 followers on Instagram, offering enormous leverage to promote his music- yet he still has a frictional relationship with it. 

Whilst it offers him a platform to express himself creatively through his photography, Ta-Ku has a love/hate relationship with social media. A great eye and mind for a caption means, he is the guy responsible for social media across all of his projects. It consumes not only his morning routine, where he labours over the various accounts for an hour and a half every morning, but he admits to considering posting again later in the day if he hasn’t gotten enough likes.

As an outsider, reeling in thousands of likes for a photo seems incomprehensible, but for Ta-Ku it isn’t nearly as dazzling. In this sense he says it “becomes its own monster”, where you are left investing more time in your image than your material- in a constant tussle between mass appeal and creative expression. This is a crossroads that many artists face, commonly expressed as ‘staying true’ or ‘selling out’.  There is as an astute consciousness about him, as if he knows popularity is good for him, but he wont let it control his material. And from a holistic sense, he sees Instagrams days to be numbered.

“The creative content is too fat. At some point, someone is going to come along and trim the fat”.

At first it may seem a staggering suggestion, especially from an artist who has ridden a wave of popularity through Instagram- but his prediction draws parallels with the unravelling quality of Facebook’s content. He diagnoses Soundcloud to have reached the same point of oversaturation, that last year it became so hard to find to find the quality content.

You can check out the full chat here.


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