Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 6.31.41 pm (1)Sharing content on ‘Who’s On Bass’ engages the fans, or the consumers of particular artists.

The blog is mode of creative expression, that converts very derivative forms of music journalism such as album or gig reviews, into 100-word snapshots, sharing forgotten music, or expansive artist features. In just under 12 months, the blog has had over 3000 hits. The location settings tell us we have small bands of followers in the USA, Canada and Western Europe.

It’s difficult to measure the influence the blog has on the reader and the artist. Hopefully being a penchant for local music- and exposing those artists to overseas readers, there is the potential for those artists to benefit from the blog.

Sites like change.org provide an almighty platform for the consumer. In days gone by they would hush the consumer, and sweep the issue under the carpet. They often justify their power, because they believe all the power is monopolised by government and large insititutions.


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