Digital Disconnect

Kendrick Lamar

The digital disconnect was an interesting exercise in self-awareness.

The snapchats piled up. The Facebook notifications came in. Not surprisingly, no Tinder notifications came in. Each app flashed that inviting red number in the corner, flagging someones interest in connecting with me – and my obligation to check the notification.

Beyond those awkward moments between class where there wasn’t anywhere to look other than down at your phone, being disconnected from social media was so refreshing. I was completely aware of all those times I would ordinarily be checking to see if something dramatic had happened. I even extended the 24 hour lockout by another three hours, in a smug act of defiance against social media.

Music is probably one of the few legitimate reasons for me to check social media. One week ago, Kendrick Lamar released his second record a week early. Social media blew up about it. The internet, in general, blew up. It was a rare moment where I validated my persistent checking of social media. But other than taking suggestions from music publications on the latest underground to check out, I should really try and find excuses to disconnect more often.


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